What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a vastly popular trend of taking minute amounts of psychedelic substances. Such small doses do not alter perception and leave the user entirely sober.

The aim here is to improve mood and focus. Rather than mind-altering, the effects of Microdosing are best described as mind enhancing.

Increased alertness

Better focus

More energy

Enhanced creativity

Uplifted feeling

What are the benefits?


  • Mood
  • Attention Span
  • Creativity
  • Mental Health


  • Stress
  • Ruminations
  • Irritability
  • Brain Fog

Is it for you?

Microdosing can easily be integrated into any lifestyle. But who benefits the most from it? You can break down its application into 3 major categories. If you are looking for self-improvement strategies and natural supplements, you probably won‘t have to think twice. But is it for you?

Well Being

Most people experience better mood from the very first microdose. This can provide you with plenty of extra energy and boost your relationships and creative endeavours.


Many forms of pain come from excess inflammation in the body. Microdosing has anti-inflammatory qualities and can help alleviate conditions such as chronic pain, bowel inflammation and cluster headaches.


Microdosing can help you tap your potential by cranking up your capacity for focus and learning..

Whether you want to further your carreer or pick up a new skill - regular microdoses benefit the brain directly.

Why microdose Magic Truffles?

Magic truffle production is being carefully controlled, which guarantees the highest standards and product quality. They are produced organically; harvest, wash, vacuum-seal.

As an organic product, magic truffles have multiple active substances that act on the brain together. This is called the entourage effect. It gives a more natural, rounded microdosing experience than is possible for synthetic substances.

There is an intrinsic safety to plants and fungi that have been used by humans for many thousand years. Unlike synthetic substances, natural foods do not require safety trials, because the human body has co-evolved with them.

What can go wrong?

Wrong doses

A microdose should never impair your day-to-day. Give your body some time to adjust. If you feel affected, consider starting with half a portion. Don't fret if you “feel nothing” - the effects are supposed to be sub-perceptual!


The way your body reacts to the first few microdoses is different for every person. As a rule of thumb, try to microdose reasonably frequently for at least 2 weeks. With time, your body will get better at integrating it into its energy household.


Mushroom allergy. While extremely rare, this allergy would be a good reason to refrain from microdosing truffles.


ProviThor B.V. is a dutch company based in Volkel, Noord-Brabant (NL). provithor.com

Its sole purpose is the distribution of truffles on the world market. ProviThor was founded in the Netherlands in June 2019. The company strictly adheres to Anti-discrimination laws (Regulation (EU) 2018/302 of the European Parliament) and offer all goods for the same prices worldwide, so as not to commit Geo-discrimination.

A brief history of Microdosing

Microdosing started to gain major attention in recent years as a “silicon valley productivity lifehack” James Fadiman's book The psychedelic explorer's guide brought it into the mainstream.

Really has a much older history, Indocybin was released 1965 as a product for regular microdosing.

But wait, there's more. The use of such fungi dates back at least 9.000 years.

What our customers are Saying?


Great product


Besides the quarantine, I feel more energetic and creative


Microdosing is a simple and very effective way to improve my quality of life. Love it!


So far (approximately 6 weeks) I’ve noticed an increase in thought clarity, as well as a subtle shift in becoming more organized with my daily agenda. My overall sense of well-being has increased, with a slight uptick in energy. As of yet I’ve not observed any negative side effects.

Craig C.

Microdosing has changed the way I interact with people and also I feel more grounded, centred and happy.


It took some trials to get accustomed and find the right dose and routine, but the reward is that I’ve just had I great morning. I’ve been collecting thoughts and writing them down all morning, 3.000 words by now. That is one of the states I was looking for.

M. L.

It helps with my anxiety and gives me a little push.


Right away I felt an extra boost of energy. After few doses, I felt more stable with my moods, happier and much more relaxed. Increased focus too.


Still have to try microdosing yet, but I had a great experience with the shop and definitely want to keep supporting their great work. Give ProviThor a chance, they won’t disappoint you, that’s granted! Very glad to see this shop truly pushing their cause away from the business itself, as many others simply do.


So far it seems like everything I was looking for. After around 7 days I already feel more focussed and just more balanced in my every day life. And all that without being able to really “feel” an effect – I have the impression that I am still myself, there are no changes in behavior like being overly happy or any kind of disconnection with reality. I am just amazed and very happy for this little but significant help in my life. The dose seems just right for me (Around 174cm, 80kg).


Four days in and I’m benefitting already…microdosing is the future! 🙂

Maurits v.

I’ve been microdosing for about two weeks now and I’m loving it! Microdosing is helping me stay focused and my overall mental wellbeing has improved. Especially during the quarantine microdosing is helping a lot with staying positive and getting my work done.


Nice lush direct effect. Long-term effect subtle but positive.


These are definitely doing something. Music sounds sweeter and I can concentrate much longer in my work. It’s easier to get to a flow state. Also meditation is easier and I don’t have as much gravings for coffee or alcohol. So pretty much what I was expecting. Shipping to Finland was quick and no problems with customs.


I was surprisingly impressed with the benefits and others have noticed the improvements in my attitude also

Sarah Walker

I was not expecting this to do as much as it has for me. Provithor microdosing has been wonderful. I feel much more peaceful and present in everyday life. Also, response time from the Provithor team to any questions I had was quick and great!


I‘m so powerful and focused. I never thought that I would feel so well. Also my Asthma is gone on the microdosing days. Thank you!


Excellent! Really helps to get in the flow state at work!


I really love to MD. It’s actually the first time I microdose with truffles (and have taken now 2 portions so I haven’t reach my sweetspot yet. 1 grms was too much so the second time I took 0,75 grms) but I have experience with 1cP-LSD. I saw a huge change in creative flow. My motivation to try truffles is that it should bring you a more complete spectrum of emotions. We’ll see!


Very well, physical and mental health is getting better. I have more energy. I’ve started to think about activities I have never done before. I definitely recommend microdosing

Tash Baldock

After only a brief time ingesting every other day, I noticed I was able to focus better. Though my mind was still busy, it was more organised. So, I ordered more and they arrived today. Thank goodness. I’ll be continuing to order until the laws here change.


Still feeling my way thru the initial effects, but liking the potential value of microdosing.

Michael R

Super Wirkung, top schnelle Lieferung. Nur zu empfehlen.


Abosuletly well. It is subtle, gentle… yet undeniably tuning me into a more creative, compassionate and intuitive version of myself. I am really thankful for this oppurtunity! … and by the way as I signed up as an affiliate – if you’d like to get 5% discount then just use the code “enjoy42” when checking out

Ashley L.

Subtle but calming I will have to continue to see results for my anxiety but I am feeling hopeful.

Product Pricing

Modern champions of Microdosing

Joe Rogan

James Fadiman

Tim Ferriss

Microdosing in the press




Frequently Asked Questions

None. Microdosing XP is 100% non-addictive.

Instead of having to worry about dependence, it is much more likely you would to forget to microdose. Due to their anti-addictive properties, it takes a pinch of discipline to keep taking them.

Microdosing leaves you sober, alert and fully functional.

After all, the goal is to enhance your day, not limit it.

You can start and stop microdosing whenever you want. We recommend you take your microdose after breakfast. Try swallowing them with water, instead of chewing.

This will allow the effects to unfold throughout the day.

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